Matte & Gloss Interiors is a solutions-oriented firm that helps busy clientele in search of the right mix of functionality, comfort and luxury.



Milena Fay is the founder and principal of Matte & Gloss Interiors. She embraces the concept of relaxed luxury, diversity and globally inspired interiors. Her aesthetics and vision for designing reflect an adventurous 22 year journey living and working in Asia combined with her deep knowledge of Latin influences.

Moving eight times within Asia has allowed Milena to become an Oriental style connoisseur who has developed an extensive knowledge of Chinese history, textiles and furniture. Along the way, she cultivated experiences and relationships with contemporary local artists in Asia and beyond.

Finding solutions and engaging with clients in a collaborative relationship is what she does best. Working with quality, dependable contractors and delivering on-time and on-budget is her vocation.

Milena is passionate about creating eclectic spaces with color that are timeless and distinctive. Her goal is to bring the right mix of functionality, comfort and luxury to fit your style and add a new spark to your daily living.



We worked with Milena to refresh our lighting fixtures, décor, wall paint, wallpaper, carpet and cabinets, and hope to continue working with her in the future for “Phase 2”! I loved working with Milena and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an interior designer who brings creativity and ideas but also listens to what you want. First and foremost:
• Milena is warm, professional, trustworthy, transparent and timely.
• She understands that this is your home, and the design has to fit your style and functionality.
• She is solutions-oriented—she will find a way to get you want you want—without compromising quality or breaking the bank.
• She will take your ideas and transform them into something that is even better than you imagined!
Lastly, this was our first experience doing any sort of remodeling/design work, and it was a learning process for us. The scope of the work was ever-evolving, and Milena was patient and respectful as we hemmed and hawed over what projects to undertake. She moved at our pace, which was sometimes a snail’s pace, and other times a “I need this done immediately” pace. When we thought something might be too onerous or costly to undertake, she always came prepared with an “easier” or more economical solution, and never pushed an idea on us. But, she never compromised on quality, and I’m thrilled with the end results. It’s very satisfying to walk into our house and feel like the space truly reflects our (sometimes quirky) tastes, and not simply a page out of a design catalogue. Designing/decorating your home can be full of ups and downs, and she handled all of that with grace and practicality, and I look forward to working with her again!” – S.S.


Milena helped us redecorate our foyer and family room. She was a pleasure to work with. She was on top of everything and so timely. We had a flood and we were overwhelmed with everything that needed to be done. She came in and took over everything. She basically was like a general contractor and decorator. She has amazing contractors that she works with and they were high quality and professional. She also has exquisite taste and gently guided us. She doesn’t go for the most expensive pieces and stayed within our budget. I have worked with many decorators over the years and she was by far the best! Can’t say enough good things about her.” – L.B.


Milena worked with us to complete a renovation of two bathrooms and the hallway linking the two areas, as well as repainting our apartment. We were unsure how to proceed when starting, but Milena was able to step in and helped us tremendously. She understood what we wanted and created a design that made both of us happy. Milena took the time to listen to us and get to know our concerns. She respected our budget, considered the overall design of our apartment, and spent a lot of time exploring our tastes to find elements that feel personal for us. She worked closely with the suppliers and contractor to make sure everything came together on schedule and that we were able to live through the renovations with as little disruption as possible. We are very pleased with the results!” – C.S.


"Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love."

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I believe in the power of beautiful design to bring about joy. Matte & Gloss Interiors practices a philosophy calling for the balance of aesthetics and practicality for comfortable spaces. I am passionate about creating eclectic spaces with color and finding unique accessory options that are timeless, distinctive and reflect my clients’ polished lifestyles. I take great pride in creating one-of-a-kind interiors that are interesting, artful and inviting while consistently delivering results on time and on budget.


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